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September 14, 2011

The media failure

by beaufou

It is said that Byzantine courtiers debated the sex of angels while the Turks were besieging the city.

For the last three months, we have been treated to the DSK saga, the former next President of France; the merry-go-round of Republican candidates and non candidates and their barbecued primary fake votes and the whole of last week most major corporate media harped ad nauseam the collapse of the World Trade Center, with the key interviews with survivors, witnesses, commentators, etc.
The same day, the ministers of seven major nations of the world, the G7 met in London without coming to an agreement on a solution to the serious crisis that strikes Greece.
The same day, the resignation of the No. 2 of the European Central Bank, Germany’s Juergen Stark, showed the gap widened between Germany and its European partners, refusing to fund the repayable public debt of Greece and other Mediterranean countries in the euro area, this new stage of the European crisis passed almost unnoticed in the media.
It has become increasingly clear that Greece will leave the Euro Zone in the coming months, with unpredictable consequences for the European Union. Lucid and forceful leaders might be able to save the Union with innovative and bold solutions but their actions – or rather inactions – are just determined by the next elections.
Same goes to Obama whose pale grand plan for employment is a rape of Social Security and a promising failure just like everything the man has so far achieved.

By rescuing banks from bankruptcy without compensation or safeguards, Western leaders have shown their ignorance of the current situation, the real economy has been sacrificed for the benefit of equities on Wall Street and other speculative markets; as soon as their rescue was assured, bankers and speculators turned back to their ways of destruction, the price of oil and food being one of their favorite money-makers increasing the hardship of citizens all across the globe.
The mass media reports are putting up a smoke screen of sex-saga and memorial celebrations to avoid having to explain the failure of leaders and the lack of alternatives offered by their political opponents, meanwhile we are taking quick steps towards a major earthquake the kind that has not been seen in the West for a hundred years.
But not to worry, three days before the declaration of war in 1914, most papers had a crime of passion on their front page.

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