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August 30, 2011

Big money and Soccer

by beaufou

Barcelona won 5-0, Real Madrid 6-0, Manchester United 8-2 and Manchester City 5-1 over the week-end, while providing a lot of eye candy for their respective supporters, questions around the Spanish and English leagues are being asked.
The remaining 18 teams in each league are being forced to sell their players to remain financially stable while two teams at the top (4 in England) are consistently spending lavishly – at credit – and own up to three complete squads capable of competing for the top spot.
Fernando Roig, Villarreal’s president who were at the receiving end of the trouncing by Barcelona over the week-end, summed it up in a few words, declaring: “within 4 years, Spanish football will be dead, they want La Liga. I have to sell players to stay in the clear financially. Them, they ask for credit, and get the players they want to buy”.
I agree, The Spanish league has been nothing but a two horse race for a few seasons now, rendering the competition obsolete and unwatchable due to its poor quality and lack of excitement; the English league will soon follow in its steps, with hundreds of millions being spent by a few while the rest are struggling and disappearing from the public eye or relegated due to a lack of funds.
Soccer is sick, as a fan for decades, I can no longer watch this depressing spectacle of one side wins it all any longer, I often wonder why Barcelona players are even celebrating their goals while beating teams worth 3 of their starting players.
Is it time for a salary cap in European soccer?
I believe it is the only thing that will save it from the public losing interest and return the game to players and managers rather than backroom dealings or financial expenditures on the Singapore stock exchange.

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