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August 12, 2011

Happy days

by beaufou

– The market rises and falls for no apparent reason, I’ll blame high frequency trading computers.
– France, after other European countries, is challenged in its ability to borrow to plug an excessive deficit, which will prevent it from reducing the deficit and rescue its banks.
– Banks, their communication is so foggy that any rumor, founded or not, seems more credible. I can see bailouts in the near future.
– The U.S. economy will plunge over the medium term, the Republicans will reject any tax increases in the United States.
– The global monetary system is frozen by the United States who want to continue living on their former glory and China who wishes to maintain an undervalued yuan and exports that go with it.
– The Euro, which has enabled many countries to borrow cheaply, may be thrown out with the bathwater, while European leaders feel more urgency in being reelected rather than safeguard their countrymen.
– And meanwhile, the machine to strip the poor and enrich the rich continues to spin faster and faster and expects to benefit from the current crisis to strip even more people and states.

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