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July 19, 2011


Murdoch’s conglomerate is a criminal organization

by beaufou

This entire story is stunning. We all knew that Fox News was a joke in terms of the “news” it reported and the total lack of concern about objectivity. But this pervasive criminal activity, clearly a policy of the company, throws open a Pandora’s box of issues.

One man has been allowed, by laissez-faire governments in both the US and the UK, to control a huge number of newspapers and media outlets. We see now the folly of turning over so much power to such an immoral man. Much of the responsibilities of the offices regulating the media regard, dare I say it, “fair and balanced” news reporting. Too much concentration of news sources, by any one company, should be viewed as a bad thing, because it allows one voice to overpower all others. We have lived under the overpowering, radical voice of Murdoch and Fox News for years now, and we are having to struggle with the effects of that. The particulars of the spying scandal on the British and American people and government agencies is not worse than the lies masquerading as news that has been the staple of Fox News as well as the British tabloids.

He almost has enough control to survive this. Check out the Fox News webpage. This vast spying network, the arrest of a top administrator at Scotland Yard, all of that, is the 9th collection of stories in their list of latest news, after rumors of NFL lawyers maybe having a meeting, the price of gold, and the breaking news that it is hot in the Southwest. And one of those stories is a piece about how Brooks was unjustly arrested. Thank God for the remaining non-Murdoch media, or it would not be covered at all.

Was the whistle-blower murdered? We will probably never know. But we do know now that Murdoch’s conglomerate is a criminal organization. It should be treated as such.

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  1. Jul 28 2011

    Amazing article! I think I will come back some day, you’ve been bookmared!


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