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July 12, 2011

Who’s winning?

by beaufou


It is important in election years to remember what has happened since the last election, however, partisan hackery has now practically destroyed any chance of it happening, even Obama’s adversaries; if you can call that bunch of nut jobs adversaries, seem to concentrate on BS issues such as the debt, deficits and such…a recent poll revealed that Americans did not care about the National debt as much as they do about unemployment or healthcare.
Obviously, the unemployment picture has remained bleak despite a stunning 4.5 trillion Dollars spent on the so-called recovery, let’s look at who’s doing well and who isn’t:
Between 2007 and 2009, Wall Street profits have risen by 720% while the unemployment rate has jumped by 102% and Americans have lost 35% of their home equity, it is 2011 and the unemployment picture is still the same, home equities have progressively gotten worse – it could drop a further 20% – and Wall Street profits have continued to rise.
So much talk about reducing the deficit from both sides, yet the tax rate for millionaires and billionaires which was 36% 10 years ago is now 32% since congress passed another round of cuts and breaks for the top earners while talking about cuts in Medicare and food stamps – the nanny state the Right loves to scare you about – as a side note, there are now 45 million people on food stamps, 45 million people cannot afford to buy food in this country.
It is pretty clear who’s winning, yet nothing is being done about it, nothing.
Remember that next time a slimy politician comes to your door or you are lectured about change or deficit spending by either side.

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