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July 11, 2011

On debt

by beaufou


About Mortgages and Credit Card debt.

You are a debt slave, yes you are, no matter which way you turn or look at it, you owe big or small but you owe.
Here’s an idea for you or two…
First your Mortgage ; Mort is death in French and Gage is promise, you’ll pay till you die.
Banks and servicers have been playing with paperwork, not filing to the right authorities and pay small fees because they think they don’t have to respect and follow the law of the land.
Ask the bank to see the original note you signed, if they refuse, get an attorney, stop paying your mortgage and sue the fuckers for fraud because they cannot legally prove who holds your mortgage and you are paying them monthly for something they are not entitled to.
Second is Credit Card debt; you are way over your head? having a hard time?
Don’t worry, Credit Card debt is unsecured, which means they cannot take anything away from you unless you consolidate which is the worst idea in the world.
Stop paying and wait until they threaten to sue you, then get an attorney and settle for as little as 8 cents on the dollar, yes you’re reading right.
You may think it is a trashy way of dealing with lenders but remember this: the interest you pay is for the risk of default, so when a bank charges you extra for your default such as a 30% interest rate for an amount of money they didn’t have in the first place – because of fractional banking (google it) – you are paying them twice for the same service.
Good luck.

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